Deployment: Paul Manwaring/Jesus Culture, Monday March 11, 2013

Deployment Week: Jesus Culture Revivalist Panel


  • The mandate on this house is to deploy a generation that will demonstrate the raw power of God in the world.
  • I really want to erase the sacred, secular line. Let’s release the goodness of God everywhere!
  • I’ll be explaining more of the practical things later this week, but today I want to focus on the message of deployment.
  • “Positions are seldom lost because they have been destroyed, but almost invariably because the leader has decided it can no longer be retained” – Marine handbook
  • This applies to warfare but also to destiny.


The Culture Project. Panel with Banning Liebscher, Mike Frank, Julie, Sheri Silk, Chris Adams, Luke Ridnour.

  • Our mandate is not just to raise up preachers, but to raise up leaders who will take the passion inside of them to go into every area and see the nations healed.
  • Mike Frank is a business major who has founded multi-billion dollar companies in tele-communication.
  • Julie is a nurse practitioner.
  • Sheri… you know Sheri.
  • Chris Adams is a school superintendent for a district. He principled at Enterprise school here in Redding. We went from a high school that they were considering shutting down to being one of the top schools in California and now this whole district is one of the highest districts in the state, it’s a model.
  • Luke is a NBA player for the Minnesota Timberwolves. I realized I needed God because doing well or not doing well at basketball was not enough. I was missing Jesus. When I gave my life to the Lord, my basketball career took off because I had given control to him.


Luke is on skype. The following questions were just for him:

What excites you most about what you are doing right now?

  • God has taught me to play a game for a job.
  • God has given me the NBA as an opportunity and platform to influence the world for the kingdom.


What is one of the biggest things you’ve learned for bringing the kingdom to the world in a professional circle?

  • The guys I’m traveling with are my family and they all feel like they’ve made the life that they want, but they don’t have all that they need so just showing them my life is huge.


If you looked back, what is the one thing that you wish you were more prepared for, what would you have focused on differently?

  • I got caught up on so many little things. I should have remembered to press in for the big things that I had prophetic words for even thought they seemed so far away. God has a plan, and the things we go through daily will take us there.


What has kept you encouraged even when situations are discouraging?

  • It’s not easy, but I know who I’m praying for. Even if things are hard, I’m doing it for God and to glorify him. That makes it all worth it.
  • Remember who you’re living for and who you are doing things for.


One piece of advice for a young leader?

  • Stay in the word, hear from the Lord and process things with the holy spirit.
  • His plan is such a good plan, so good things are coming. We have the victory.


How do you stay fresh and fed in a world where you are surrounded by unbelievers?

  • iBetheltv
  • My wife is amazing and we keep each other accountable. I use the road as a way to keep connected with the Lord.
  • Every day I have a chance to be a light in a dark place, that gets me up every morning.

Back to the panel. 

  • 100% of the people in this room are called to lead and influence but most of you aren’t meant to do it from the pulpit.


Julie, how did you know what you were called to?

  • As a kid I wanted to be a nurse and my parents were incredibly supportive and I got to watch my mom do marriage and a career well.
  • I always felt called to something in the sciences.
  • Whatever field you are called to, just keep moving, take risks.
  • There is no difference between sacred and secular. My worship every morning is serving my patients.


Mike, how did you know what you were called to?

  • My wife and I came to the Lord around the same time just before I got working at the headquarters for Disney which was my biggest stage so far and I got to demonstrate the changes that were going on in my life.
  • I didn’t feel called to anything specific as a kid, but I got into business and found out I was really good at it.
  • As a kid I was an entrepreneur already. I did paper routs, shoveled snow, did lawn work… it was partially a necessity but also God was wiring me for what I’d be doing later.


Sheri, how did you know what you were called to?

  • I actually have no formal education.
  • A fun part of my journey was watching my mom. She was the president of every club she was a part of, but wasn’t in the church. So I had a model for moms staying home and not working but I felt I had to get out there.
  • About two years ago when I realized BSSM was outgrowing the church, I began to connect with civil organizations while I was still in charge of 10 departments in the church and traveling 60 days a year. But then I felt I needed to give up all the church stuff and fashion my resume to be involved more in the city.
  • I never planned out everything. I’ve just done what’s in front of me really well.
  • I love accomplishing tasks and chewing up problems and serving other people’s tasks.


Chris, how did you know what you were called to?

  • I wanted to be a sports medicine major but in college I realized I loved teaching more.
  • My dad said “Jesus doesn’t need somebody to die for him, you need to work in the system if you are going to bring change to it”
  • After I was in the school system for a while, we ran into a problem that was too big for our councilors because they didn’t do the emotional stuff. But our job as teachers is to look at kids and say “there’s a fire in there that we are going to pull out”
  • We are salt in the world. Don’t think you are a lesser christian because you aren’t a pastor. Walk with authority, step into your destiny and go to the next level to save this generation.


Ask yourself: Who are you? Where are you going in life? How are you going to get there?


Video: Kelly Clark, Olympic Snowboarder (

“I don’t see any separation in my life between what I do and what my ministry is… I get to be part of an industry of people who have never set foot in a church or encountered God.. they are spiritually poor people.. I truly love them, that’s why I’ve been able to be so effective and see so much fruit.. People don’t care what you know until they know that you care, that’s my approach in snowboarding, being transparent. Doing what you say you believe and showing them that gives people a place to experience God.. it has to be intentional, not circumstantial. For so long, snowboarding was something that I pulled value from, but now it’s a place of joy because I know that God is my source and I enjoy snowboarding more than I ever have before even thought this is winter 21 for me. As I continue to compete in a later stage of my career, I’m thinking of legacy.. how to be someone who changed something and wasn’t just a part of it…”

Kelly just became the first person to get three X Games golds in a row for the women’s half pipe.


Chris, how do you bring God into what you do?

  • My position in my district allows me to bring in powerful christians but I have to do it carefully. I want to have more people of faith setting the atmosphere.
  • There is so much competing for these kids brains right now but if we can provide hope, that’s new.


Mike, how do you bring God into what you do?

  • When I came to Redding, our economy was in the tank. It was really bad. So I started asking “God what can I put my hands to?” and he showed me that I could build things and jump in.
  • I didn’t know what to do but I knew I needed to help this city financially. It’s all about building up new entrepreneurs who will create jobs and create economic reversal.
  • So I went out into the city and started meeting everybody who was anybody to try to get a lay of the land, a little bit like what Nehemiah did.
  • I got a few initiatives started and began speaking at city events and partway through a man came to me and said “Mike, we like what you’re doing, but could you cool it with this God stuff?” And I told him “I’m afraid that’s just going to be a part of me”. Later he was quoted in the newspaper saying “we have all these god-centered people coming for Bethel and they are really contributing to things here so if we are going to improve well, we will have to get used to this God stuff”.
  • God’s given a few people vision and strategy for changing a city. And while a lot of you are involved in changing individual lives, some of you will be called into more of a strategy sphere where you will be taking these principles and teaching to transform cities and the world.
  • If you are a very strategic person, this may be what God is calling you to.
  • I want to applaud what Sheri is doing in this city.


Sheri, how do you bring God into what you do?

  • I began to get into the community and try to lower the anxiety showing the community that the church was there to serve them.
  • see Sheri and Danny’s talk 


Julie, how do you bring God into what you do?

  • I don’t have a lot of time with a patient to identify the problem so I ask the Holy Spirit to help me get to the root of the problem right away.
  • Whoever loves most has the most influence. I express a lot of compassion. I make christ visible to them. And I ask the Holy Spirit, should I pray with this person and rarely will I have a patient decline. It means a lot to them. Loving people where they are at changes lives.


Video: Richard T. Jones, Actor (

“When I first got into Jesus I decided I wanted to be a preacher and God said ‘no you aren’t called to be a preacher’ and then I thought, I could be a christian actor and God said ‘no you’re not called to be a christian actor but an actor who is a christian”


Chris, what is some advice you have these students?

  • I’ve learned that to be a leader, you’re going to have to take risks. Put yourself out there and just be not quite sure. But we have to rest that God will take care of what he gives us. I’m a type A. I’m a doer and a pusher which has carried me through where I am now. But it’s not what has gotten me here. What got me here was God’s grace and favor.
  • Strengthen yourself in the lord daily. Then you come from a position of strength, because he is the


Mike, what is some advice you have these students?

  • Steve Jobbs said “if you don’t go after what you dream of, you live somebody else’s life”
  • How many of you want to squander what God has for you?
  • Listen to the Lord and what he has for you.
  • Many of you younger people will be working 50-60 years in your career so choose carefully what you want to get into.
  • I look at guys like Daniel, Joseph, Nehemiah and Ester… I see marketplace people. All of them served, worked really hard in the job they were given.


Julie, what is some advice you have these students?

  • There are no shortcuts. Pursue excellence diligently.
  • It took me 8 years of school and today I still read journals and go to conferences all the time to stay on top of what I’m doing.
  • Often times the way I care for someone will only be known to myself, the patient and God so I have to sew heavily into serving the people in front of me well even when it won’t give me any recognition.
  • Don’t compromise your core values.
  • I have patients who want to have twice the prescription written off so they can get money from their insurance or want a medical note to get out of jury duty but I have to have a solid root system to keep my focus on the Lord.


Sheri, what is some advice you have these students?

  • I have to do everything with excellence too. I want to make every event coordinator feel like their event is the only thing I’m working on right now even if I don’t agree with what they are doing.
  • I come in as a student and ask them about what they want to do and do it well because they know how their event should look much better than I do.
  • Then once I’ve served them well, they will often ask me about my faith and open their doors to receive christ.
  • It’s fun.


Video: Ashley Swearengin, Mayor of Fresno

“ I never believed it was possible for me to be in elective office. It wasn’t in my heart and I didn’t think I’d be able to do it. I thought I’d be in business. I discovered this city has chronic business issues and is not healthy.. you can’t envision success without all of those circumstances being reversed. I look for possible solutions in impossible circumstances. If you can bring hope to a situation that is a long standing problem, you’re bringing the most strategic tool you could ever bring to see solutions. I see it all the time when the same problem is on the table again, but when you inject hope, the pieces begin to unfold things in new ways to resolve age old problems. God’s view of the situation is through hope. A lot of young people are afraid they cannot make a difference in the government realm, but it really is possible. If you feel called to government at a national level, start local and serve your community. When you do that with excellence and with faith, the doors open quite widely.”




Mike, what are your views on college and getting MBA’s for business?

  • Emotional Intelligence is the best predictor of success. Check out that book.
  • Focus on being empathetic with people and working with them. It is those people who take the top positions, not the smartest people.
  • That being said, I see school as an excellent. It opens doors and the church isn’t at most of these tables in the community because they don’t have the credentials.
  • Education gives you a chance at interviews and things like this, but it will take performance to prove your position.
  • A lot of our occupations don’t require setting foot in a college anymore because you can study online now.
  • When I was growing up, I expected to grow up in a company and get done that way.
  • About 15% of people in school in my day said they wanted to be in business, but now it’s 77%.
  • This is a great time for starting businesses that don’t require a lot of overhead capitol.
  • But there are some areas where formal education is absolutely necessary.
  • Another book is How the Church Fails Business People.
  • I never had anyone come to me and ask “how are you doing?” and coach me from the church.


Could you explain how you deal with the tension between being a high performing person in your career and still focusing on your family?

  • Julie: I was blessed with growing up in a family where we were very centered and still powerful in the marketplace. Look at the proverbs 31 wife. She was well known, served in the career world and an incredibly nurturing mother. The Lord will give you wisdom to do that. When my children were younger, I was able to transition to part time and then go back to full time when they were a little older. God will give you wisdom to navigate that.


I’m a nurse from Switzerland and I’ve had to do things that I don’t think should be done and I don’t agree how do you handle that?

  • Of course you are called to your core values but you also have to work in the system you’ve been given.
  • As an RN and a christian of course you have to be ethical and you cannot do things that compromise that, it would take me knowing the specific circumstance.
  • Be a world changer for God, however that has to look. Sometimes you will have to do hard things.


Paul: this whole idea of working 60-70 hours of work per week is interesting. It’s important to bring your children into seeing how the world works and bring work into the home and home into work well.


Danny and Sheri Silk, Tuesday February 19, 2013

Relationship Month: Q&A

  • I’m coming out with a book called Keeping Your Love on and if you would like to endorse this book by sharing how our ministry has blessed you, we will give you all a link to share an endorsement on.

I’ve heard you talk about how anger never gave you the results you were looking for and I’d like to hear more of the phenomena in that.

  • Well Danny and I are very different, when someone is angry at him, he retreats.
  • I am more dominant and aggressive so anger was how I knew to get things done.
  • You can build a house with just a hammer but nobody would want to live in it. Just using aggression to get my way in our relationship only caused troubles.


If your husband is not being powerful or showing up, what do we do?

  • It’s important to ask, “how much am I giving into fear?” and “how much am I focusing on myself right now?”
  • The person who is most aware of the anxiety in the dynamic needs to turn off the fear, turn up the love and pay attention to what the other person needs.
  • So if something happens and you really need to be heard and loved, you could say “I need some love…” so that you are starting a new loop in the relationship for him to come out so that when he has needs, he has a little traction being successful.
  • When his method of helping you is stepping away from it all, it’s important that you are giving him a place to show up for you.
  • For example, when Danny was getting into his work I started to get upset and say “you’re never home” and that was just creating anxiety but instead I began to say “we really miss you” which affirmed him and drew him out.
  • If you can learn to keep your love on in the midst of upheaval, you’ve gained so much momentum so that you can bring the best you you’ve got to the table.


As we’re reading Raising Your Kids On Purpose, I’m discovering that my family was quite angry and I’ve learned to fear and duck out of the situation. How do I strengthen myself so that when angry people show up I can respond appropriately?

  • It’s important to recognize that people can’t control you, even big angry people and managing yourself on the inside.
  • So in those moments you have to recognize “I can control me, I’m going to keep my love on…” and moving towards them.
  • I had a lady come in with all kinds of frustration and she began to spew it on me and I asked “what do you need?” and she turned into a puddle. When other people are upset, we have the option to turn our love on and look for their needs. People act that way for a reason, because they have needs.
  • We have to break our patterns if we want to change things.


Danny left for an appointment, the remainder is Sheri alone.


What does your relationship look like when you are going for connection and intimacy but one of you doesn’t feel safe anymore? How do you communicate that knowing that you are fully for each other even if you don’t feel it?

  • It is really important to be vulnerable instead of saying “you are being…” so that you share your heart instead.
  • We’ve gotten to a place where I can just communicate how I am feeling in a few minutes and we work to solve the problem together.


I am training my nephew who has a dysfunctional family and he gets very angry, into rage storms. How can I coach him?

  • When I was dealing with anger, it took realizing how I was affecting the people around me and for that to happen, people had to bravely communicate that to me.
  • Until he is ready to own his behavior, there isn’t much to do.
  • My brother has huge rage issues and now he lives out in a little cabin because he got upset with people. The issue is that he doesn’t realize he has a problem.
  • Until someone understands that you have a problem and are willing to take ownership, there is little you can do to help them other than to keep your love on and your boundaries up.
  • Expressing to people how you feel and how you are experiencing them will help them to recognize the issue and dial back the intensity.


I’m trying to re-establish relationships with some of my family that has been offended from past errors and when I reach out to them it seems to cause more harm than good. How can I re-connect with them.

  • You can only handle your side of the relationship, but in general when you are dealing with someone who is scared to be in the relationship, I tell them that I need to feel their strength. I endorse people to interact with me.
  • When things are hard for a really long time, there is infection that you’ll have to work on before you can repair it. So you’ll have to take some time to repair what you’ve hurt inside of them. You’ll use the tools you have to ask them questions so that they can share their hearts again.
  • Building the bridge has to come before you put weight on it.


In an environment where a lot of women believe that to be powerful you have to intimidate the men, how have you pioneered being powerful in the church without being intimidating?

  • There is a mis-perception that woman think becoming powerful requires someone else being beat.
  • A lot of positions of power are held by men so they have to identify the woman who are anointed and give them space.
  • My struggle has been that I am the type who always wants to be put in the game. Because of my relationship with Danny, he has created opportunities for me to happen in.
  • Someday we will have a sr leadership team with woman who haven’t married in but have been recognized appropriately.
  • It’s been hard, not because of hard evil oppression, but because I am so unusual in my desire to step up.
  • I’m not very practiced as the men, so they have had to make room for practice to happen and give good feedback. It’s a process. Getting mad is not going to work.
  • An angry woman griping is very irritating.
  • If we ask to step up to the plate, we’d better be ready to hit.
  • Instead of worrying how to be a great woman leader, I just need to pay attention to how to be a great leader, because the woman part will come naturally.


You’ve spoken before about your heart for the civic and the city, could you give us an update?

  • The big difference right now is you guys.
  • The city projects have started happening at the same time as the rental of the civic. So now the city has begun to take notice with how we are affecting the community.
  • The leader of the Rotary cries sometimes as he’s telling me how grateful he is that we have taken this on because we have done work and put money into it for free.
  • I repeatedly find myself in funny situations. Today I’m here talking to you and Thursday we are going to have the Beer and Bites in the Civic for the city so sometimes I feel silly.
  • I’m so proud of you all that you are representing the church and Christ well in the community.
  • There are always a few stories you hear of that are negative, but most of the time, y’all are rockstars.
  • You can’t minister to a city you don’t love. We need you to love our city while you are here.
  • I don’t know why God is showing up here of all places, but it’s important that while you come here you live it well.
  • People often ask why we have the word supernatural in our school, and I know it sounds odd but we don’t serve a natural God.
  • I got to go to a dinner with community leaders and they drilled Danny about gold dust and gold teeth for a long time. But his answer was often “I don’t know… it happens and we believe in God so we believe that he is doing it” and they began to get the picture that we weren’t trying to prove anything, we just wanted to serve them.


There’s been a misconception in the church that in a relationship between a man and a woman, the man has to be spiritually stronger. I want to know what you think about that.

  • All the scriptures about the head have to be about God being the source.
  • Yes eventually a decision has to be made, and we don’t always agree but I know that I can honour my husband.
  • Sometimes we look at the bible to find what we want to find, and you can reinforce slavery
  • I think the woman who are growing up are going to live differently because of the bumps on our head as we’ve confronted the “limitations”.
  • The terrain is changing because of the ones who have gone before us.


What was the process for you seeing your husband move into strength?

  • I was a dominant, broken woman and Danny was a submissive, broken man. And I had to change who I was and let him change him.
  • I got tired of saying sorry all the time.
  • I remember talking to my daughter while she was young and I told her I was sorry for the way I had been behaving and that I was going to be changing and growing by separating myself from how I was raised and leaning to love her rightly. My daughter was too young to understand this but I still told her because it was important to me.


At the Civic, how do you approach serving people who aren’t living with the same convictions as you?

  • I am concerned about meeting the needs in front of me before confronting their differences because I have to honour all people but only through relationship can I bring correction.
  • If you are serving in a homeless kitchen, we know as the church that we are supposed to care for that need but sometimes when we are working with business people we forget that they have those same needs. They need to be respected, loved and appreciated. Often times when I deliver that, they will open up and talk about things that I have no business knowing about because they know that I love an value them.
  • The church has been famous for judging and petitioning evil, so when they come into my office, the first thing I try to do is affirm the love I have for them.


When we first took over the Civic, there was a lot of local concern about giving it over to us, has any of that changed?

  • Yes, there has been plenty of change.
  • When we first went to rent it, there were groups called “Save the Civic” and they what they meant was “save the civic from Bethel”. There were some 200 people and cheerleaders against what we were doing. So Kris got up very vulnerably and said “If you don’t want us here, we won’t take it, we want to honour you”
  • We were the only bid that wasn’t asking for the city to supplement us because we could fund the rent through the funding from our school.
  • I eventually joined the save the civic group because I could and when I would attend a meeting they’d often ask me questions about what we planned to do with it and after 6 months the group disbanded because they realized the civic didn’t need saving, it was safe.


After a year of managing the Civic, could you share with us some testimonies from the Civic being under Bethel’s leadership?

  • I’ve had people come to question our ministry from all over the city, to get into the healing rooms and have sozo’s. It’s opened up many doors to minister to the members of city council and … everyone we connect with.
  • Turtle Bay has begun to recognize the students as contributing citizens and also a source of income. So they really like us and have been great neighbors. We are a great economic drive for the community. I get asked all the time if people can give flyers to the students. My maintenance team does not like that because they have to pick them all up later.
  • side note: one of the greatest saviors for our relationship (danny and I) was humour. Laughter can change things hugely.


What are some personal dreams you have for yourself?

  • I’m considering right now whether I really want to throw myself into the community or jump back into the church because they seem quite separate.
  • I’ve been asked if I’m going to run for office ever, and that’s not a dream of mine. My love for government comes from my love for my country. We believe that God helped us found our country.
  • I think there is a huge chasm between the young people of today understanding what our nation was grounded on and what our past great men have given their lives to. The young people are sick of hearing all the talking heads blame and deface. I believe there is time for the systems to come into place.
  • When I have to deal with the city system, it seems like I’m swimming through molasses.
  • The system has so many problems. When the city has to do renovations, they have to buy the cheapest materials and pay the highest wages otherwise they’re accused of “mishandling government funds” so the job is done poorly, slowly and expensively. I really want to affect that realm but I don’t know that I want to be on a council, I want to lead young people to understand the right values and influence people to live wisely.


Could you explain how you keep your personal relationship with Danny alive while you are so busy.

  • Danny is the person I want to be with most out of everyone on the earth so it’s not hard.
  • We both work a lot, but when we get time together, we like to set our jobs aside and just enjoy each other’s company.
  • Our kids are grown up and moved out and so we connect with them and be sure to show them love.
  • Danny has never stopped romancing me. He opens my door, even when he’s limping around. He lets me out by the entrance when he has to park far away… He goes to meetings with me when he really doesn’t want to. He takes me out… I can look at all this and it makes me want to love him back. He sets a high bar.


How when we return to our home impact our local community?

  • Only do that if you feel called to it.
  • Be informed. I read the paper, attend meetings, call up leaders. I’m the bridge between the city and bethel so I have to be aware of why were are doing what we are doing and vice versa so that I can explain it to them. I can’t care for my city until I know who she is.
  • Sometimes students get really zealous and do things that I have to answer for, and that hurts some of the other work that’s going on.
  • Manage yourselves.
  • Go into your city paying attention. You can be super free here, but it’s not the same culture out there. Just like going to a different country and being trained in their culture, you need to understand being culturally sensitive in other environments.


One of the things that has grieved my heart is seeing the dishonour that the world has given to women who want to stay home and raise a family. So how do we empower woman to pursue careers and at the same time demonstrate how to share for their family well.

  • I’m pretty sure that woman can have it all now, but they can’t have it all at once.
  • The world is in a state where there are few families now that can be supported with only one of the parents working, so often the choice isn’t there.
  • Empowering people to be themselves gives you the freedom to live your life as you too.
  • Just because you choose to stay home doesn’t mean you’re happy.
  • I think it’s awesome that some families are home schooled but if you don’t view homeschooling as a full time job, you’re probably not doing it right.
  • I love that there’s freedom to choose now.
  • It would be wrong to send a message that you aren’t being powerful if you are a stay at home mom.
  • You should never stop being a parent.
  • We’ve also dishonored dads. On TV, dad’s always a dumb guy who can’t make toast and we’ve devalued it to the point where dads have gone away but we would like dads to be fully engaged and involved in their family and we should be cheering them on.